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A Medicine Hat begins with a dream, a vision, an intention...Your Medicine Hat is a tool for transformation, for the healing of your world. A blessing on your head. This hat is made in collaboration with Hampui Hats whose handcrafted Medicine Hats are designed to be worn as an altar on your head. The brim provides protection for your body, mind, and spirit, and the crown supporting a connection to Source.  

The Malibu hat is in honor of our dear family in Malibu who suffered from the recent fires. Proceeds from the hat will be donated to those in need.

It is our daily practice to ensure that each Medicine Hat is made in an energetically aligned way. All of the materials are cleansed with sage, and any excess that can't be reused is burned. We believe that Medicine Hats are tools for personal transformation and that the hat, like the prayer, can touch future generations. The wool for this Medicine Hat  is sheered from sheep in the Argentinian countryside before being pressed into dense felt for a sturdy hat that will hold up over time. 

  • Austrailian style flatters most face shapes

  • 200g Wool Hat

  • Vintage Silk and Rayon fabric

  • Red African beads (variation may occur)

  • Water & Bird x Hampui Hats Gold Leaf Leather Sweat Band (inside)